Headquartered in Toronto, Global in Outlook, Scientific in Spirit

CCI-ARC is a North-American scientific think tank focused on breakthrough in science, technology, medical, biotechnological & academic research. We strive to help researchers, scientists, government-policy makers to help communicate research outcomes effectively by robust publishing strategy, global conferences & collaborative workshops.

CCI-ARC’s portfolio consists of high-impact imprints & futuriristic publications.We publish both eBooks and journals. In addition to the publishing business, CCI-ARC develops specialist knowledge networks and digital-content hubs, enabling professionals to connect and collaborate seamlessly with their peers in niche scientific fields.Our collaborative networks of global researchers enable us to conduct international research conferences world wide.

The aim of CCI-ARC is to serve the advancements of scientific & research practice by enhancing the efficiency of communication among academicians, researchers and decision-makers, by providing innovative solutions to their research publication needs.This is achieved through a customer-centric approach, use of advanced technologies, products that deliver value-for-money and unparalleled quality.

CCI-ARC operates globally from Toronto, Canada with hub-spoke teams supporting researchers locally.